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Who Are We?

We are a luxury and affordable community service-based program.

Where our team of experts and professionals will share how you can become resilient through learning the basic to advance investment terminologies on how to gradually comprehend all the implications involved before throwing your life savings into something you are not an expert placing yourself, family household and either business in financial jeopardy!

Yes. Prices does fluctuate on any given day in the marketplace on the global forex and crypto exchanges and due to these fluctuations, you may lose some or all of your investments.

Due to the inherent risks associated with cryptocurrency and even trading on the forex exchanges marketplace dealing with any asset classes including real estate.

We provide you asset protection plans on where you can safely direct your funds from being taxed and grow it for retirement and business succession plans purposes.

Having an experience mentor and coach who comprehends the nature of your intellectual and financial position can go a long way in reducing financial loss and anxiety.

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Would you like to explore your financial options using non-traditional funding methods?

At TWIG, LLC an associate of EMPRESSNMRG, MBA & ASSOCIATES, LLC may potentially be a great choice for you because our platform is designed to ensure our users get consistent and satisfactory results regardless of their location, social class, or intellectual level.

Our proven "Passive Income Concierge" Program Explains:

  • Investment and Asset Protection Strategies

  • Financial and Cash Flow Management

  • Audit-proofing Strategies

  • Personalized Financial and Tax Saving Guidance


Don't Lie

Earning 0.5% a year of just having $5,000.00 sitting in your savings account.

Which is a whopping $25.00 added to the principal of your $5,000.00.

Yet, you must remember the bank is managing your savings account so there are monthly maintenance fees.

So, what are you really earning and saving when the money is just sitting and not working on your behalf?

Now, Imagine, placing $5,000.00 in one of our highly recommended, automated Quantum Arbitration technology driven platform.

As a client (user of the crypto/forex platform), you can potentially earn 3% percent from the $5,000.00 which is $150.00 per day x 66.66 days to receive $10,000 without rebuying just earning in passive rewards.

What would this do for you, your household and either business?

This growth rate strategy has survived not only five centuries.


Our team of professionals has over 4 decades of accumulative extensive experience in the technology and financial sectors and can provide tailored de-finance solutions to meet your investment objectives.

We are no legal nor financial advisors, yet we with our seasoned experience when we participated in cryptocurrency trading which is extremely volatile.

We lost a lot of our own personal capital to generate wealth, yet we stayed focused and recapture our capital and successfully learned how to diverse our wealth into proven passive income platforms systems to mitigate and spread financial risks and loss.

The lesson learned enhanced our financial discernment and increased our knowledge and wisdom of awareness of how market capitalization process works.

Yes. Cryptocurrency involves a significant amount of risks yet with the support of innovative and revolutionaries' technologies to increase the probabilities of earning profits.

We decide to fuse our financial and marketing knowledge and experience to collaborate and assist you.

Assist by sharing with you on a personal and professional level how to properly navigate on how and what to look for when placing your hard earn money and leveraging someone else money to get the best profitable results on your money as a decent return on your investments.

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